Home Inspection & Energy Audits


• Discovering the soundness of your structure, home or business.

• Do you have heat loss?

• How about cold drafts in the winter or hot spots in the summer?

We can discover the source of cold drafts or hot spots from energy loss.

• Here’s a set of Facts from the NFPA; 63% of all house fires involve wiring and related equipment
with Seventy-four percent cited some sort of electrical failure or malfunction. Nearly, half of the
electrical based fire-deaths, account for 44% of civilian deaths. As homes are growing older and
providing more energy than when your homes were built; Detecting the Electrical Overloads in
your Electrical Panel and Outlets is a must.

• We can confirm if your Radiant Heat is Working Properly

• We can confirm if your home has Proper Insulation. Are you aware most damaging ice dams
form from poor insulation of the house?

• By detecting these hot and cold spots throughout your home and fixing them will eliminate
problematic condensation, which could cause mold growth.

• Running an Energy Audit for your home will give you the peace of mind that waste from every
dollar you spend on energy has been eliminated.


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